DENVER — Nearly a week after Glendale Police officers shot and killed a man on Colorado Boulevard, very little information about what happened has been released.


Officers fired several shots through the window of a pickup truck after they said the man inside was “unresponsive,” according to police.


John Pacheaco Jr., 36, died that evening.


Denver Police said officers from Glendale approached an “unresponsive” man. They haven’t shared additional information about what that means.


9NEWS asked why officers first approached Pacheaco, if Pacheaco had a weapon, or why officers fired their weapons. Glendale Police referred us to Denver Police, which is handling inquiries about the investigation. A spokesperson with Denver Police said they can’t release any information, citing the ongoing investigation.


“What we’re seeing right now is deeply concerning,” said Matthew Haltzman, an attorney representing Pacheaco’s mother. “We understand that the vehicle was approached because Mr. Pacheaco was unresponsive. That can mean a number of things. That can mean someone was sleeping, that can mean someone is not responding to outside influence or law enforcement trying to make contact.”


Pacheco had a long arrest record in Colorado, including weapons and drug charges. Haltzman said he does not believe that Pacheaco had a gun with him or in his vehicle.


“Mr. Pacheaco did have some criminal history.” said Haltzman. “He did struggle with addiction issues through most of his adult life. As the event escalated, and this is within a matter of seconds, the officers who had drawn their firearms began shooting into the windshield of Mr. Pacheaco.”


Though police won’t release nearly any information, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann’s office said she is investigating. Less than a week after the shooting, her spokesperson said a decision letter from the DA will be released “soon.”


At this point, the family has not filed a lawsuit and is asking for more information about the shooting.


A Glendale Police officer was injured when the pickup truck smashed into his car. That officer was released from the hospital with minor injuries.


Marc Sallinger for 9News